Tuesday, 23 May 2017

WALT. write persuasively

We had got given a specific object that we had to advertise check mine out.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

WALT. Write a persuasive piece of writing.

Making a book prediction WALT: Make a prediction using key words.
Mud Pluggers-Pt.3,No.3,1997 Author; Maggie Lilleby.

There was a race for the mountain bikers and it was a school challenge.It was timed by a stopwatch and Simon Foster was running it.Glenn was one of the racers.It was the school’s first race.The track had obstacles like puddles,hills,mud,potholes and they had to go down hill.Even though Glenn had practiced a lot,in the race he fell face down in one of the puddles.But he managed to get back up and he went as fast as he could so he came third place.Glenn’s dad was very proud of Glenn and that he came third place. Reflection:I did well on using all the keywords.Next time I need to put the story in paragraphs.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Why school hours should be increased

Why School Hours should be Increased School hours should be increased because children will be able to learn more, you won’t have any left over work to finish and we wouldn’t have to do homework! Once you know all our reasons why school hours should be increased then you will be on our side. Our first reason is kids would be able to gain more knowledge, learn more and learn new things. There are a lot of kids that are struggling in classes. Having longer class time means that a lot more stuff will be finished and you don’t have to leave. Our second reason why school hours should be increased is that children could get all their homework done. If there are longer school days they would have time to do this at school and teachers worry so much about students not doing homework! The kids who normally don't do homework would do it and not waste time playing video games. Our third reason why school hours should be increased is because you wouldn’t need to leave time to do homework. You wouldn’t need to do homework because you would gather more knowledge and wouldn’t have to go to after school education. So now you have heard all our reasons why you should increase your school hours. Ask your principal now to INCREASE YOUR SCHOOL HOURS ! By :Tanisha, Khushi and Piranavie
references- www.debate.org

Monday, 24 April 2017

I am learning to describe where I come from

I am writing a description of where I come from.  I will be describing
my family history and ethnicity, my family’s immigration to NZ and any
special Taonga that is important to me.

I am a Muslim from India.  My grandparents and my parents migrated to NZ
from India in the year 1999.  My elder sister and I were born in New Zealand.
My parents migrated to New Zealand in June 1999 after they got married in
America.  The Reason they came here was to have a better future for them as
well as their children to be born.  We follow our culture strongly.  My mum
owns Mobil in Oratia and a beauty parlour, my dad owns a BP station in Papatoetoe.

Our tradition is that whenever you get married the lady steps into the man's house
and the lady has to kick a pot or a bowl of rice.  Kicking the bowl of rice means
there is peace and unity in their house. The lady also has to step
in red food colouring, red dye or red paint and then after doing that she
can enter the house but if she doesn't do that then she can't enter the house.
In the future I hope this tradition carries on.

By Khushi

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Picasso art

Reflection :  I think I did good at drawing and colouring.

 Next time I need to make my eyes stand out a little more.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Chinese Goldminers in NZ  - Chinese Rock Dwellings  - Pt 2 No 3 1994
WALT: Write a description of what life was like for Chinese goldminers in New Zealand in the 1860s
WALT: Evaluate whether the Chinese goldminers had an easy life

Introduction - Tanishka
We are describing what life was like for Chinese goldminers in New Zealand in the 1860s.  We are describing their housing conditions and the positives and negatives of it. Their travel, tools, possessions and belongings.  

Paragraph 1 - Describe the housing and living conditions - Vanessa
The gold miners had to live in the rocky houses in the cliffs they were living on top of the Clutha River because they couldn’t build one.  Some houses were built at the bottom of the river. Their houses were small and cosy. Their  living conditions were alright because the temperature didn’t really change if it was cold.

Paragraph 2 - Describe the housing and living conditions - Khushi
There are some positives for the housing conditions of the Chinese goldminers in the 1860s.  Firstly, the rock houses  were high up the cliffs and well protected.  They were cheap to build, had shelter and were cosy.  However, there were some negatives to their housing conditions.   They had to live in rock houses in cliffs away from towns.
Paragraph 4 - Describe the travel for the Chinese goldminers - Getting to the goldfields - Micah
The Chinese gold miners had to go across an old, rickety, dangerous bridge. It was dangerous because it had loose floorboards and large holes. They could’ve easily fallen into the Clutha river especially with all their heavy tools.

Paragraph 5 - Describe their possessions and belongings - Kyza     
Gold miners belongings were: Pickaxes, shovels, sleeping bags, food, backpacks and clothes.  Their clothes were dusty because of the dust in the rocks.  The pick axes were made from heavy, strong metal and were sharp.  The shovels were made of steel and wood.

Paragraph 6 - Describe the tools the Chinese goldminers had to collect gold - Sahil
The gold miners used to dig out gold with pick axes and shovels.. The tools were heavy because the tools were made out of metal and iron and would have been hard to use all day to find gold.

Paragraph 7 - Khushi and Micah -  
The Chinese gold miners had a hard life because they had to go across an old, rickety bridge with large holes in it.  They lived in tiny houses that could only just fit their sleeping bags. They had to carry lots of heavy, iron tools
(e.g. pick-axes, shovels) to the goldmines and use these for many hours to dig for gold.

Assessment of Our work

We believe that our description is extended abstract because we have several ideas written down and we have explained our work.  We have also written a good evaluation for our conclusion. By Micah & vanessa.