Thursday, 14 June 2018

WALT. Write a person description

                 Description :

Christy Wattson has been away from her home for more than 4 hours. She was sent to the store to get groceries and has not come back. Her height is around 1m and 42cm. She has brown shoulder length hair dyed red on the tips tied with a black hair tie. Her eyes are blue and she has 4 star tattoos behind right ear. Her skin colour is creamy peach. She has blood red lipstick,blue eyeshadow, and deep contouring. Her age is around 15-17 years old. She wears ripped jeans, a silver mink coat, and rectangular glasses with a pitch black border.

Here is a short film of what I got inspired by...

Sunday, 10 June 2018

WALT. Persuade Mrs Davies Crook to or to not hold skateboarding lessons. I have chosen that we should


Dear Mrs Davies Crook,
In my opinion, skateboarding is one of the most appealing and enjoyable sport.
It encourages lots of students to participate in these kind of activities, and also have
some fun. I would want more schools to have skateboarding as one of their sports as it
is an excellent way to do both, exercise and stay healthy.

Firstly, skateboarding is one of the most enjoyable sport, why you ask? 67% of the
world have tried, and have had a very pleasant time doing it and nothing can stop you
from having a joyful time, so give it a try.

Secondly,equipment.I am positive that the equipment is a little expensive but it is for
your kids’ safety right? Also would you rather make your students suffer in class or
have an incredible time outside doing some skateboarding. They will also improve on
balance and agility! We also get professionally trained skateboarding teachers who are
very generous and considerate.

Overall, I think we should have more of skateboarding lessons for the
Halsey Drive School students, first because they deserve it for all the hard work they
have accomplished, and second because they get to learn more stunning new tricks.

Sunday, 25 March 2018


Describe The
Woah!  I just got dragged by another wave. Can you
guess where I am? Yes you are correct I am at a
beach, I am at Muriwai beach.This place is amazing!

Splash! I scooped up some water in my hands and
threw it at my friends, as they tried to escape from
me. When the waves  come they leave behind a
foamy consistency that looks like dissolving clouds.

I could smell a little bit of the heavily salted water
as it swung past me.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to make a paper lantern


Have you ever wondered if you can
make those things hanging from the sky,
well you can make one yourself if you
read on...

1. Sentence starters
2. Bossy words
3. Verbs        

Equipment :
A4 piece of paper x2
A Pencil
A Ruler
Colouring items


  • First ,take your A4 piece of paper and
decorate it with colouring items

  • Once decorated fold piece of paper
lengthwise so it should look like this…….

  • Then take your ruler and pencil draw
a line across your paper so the line is on
the edge of the open side.

  • Next take your ruler and space out
2 cm and rule a line.

  • On the line you have just drawn
cut gently and unfold paper.

  • Then join two opposite ends so it
should make the shape of a lantern, then
staple together [You might need the help
of an adult]

  • Take your 2nd piece paper, roll it up
and put in the hole in your lantern  then

  • Get a strip of paper and attach it to
the top of you amazing lantern, and that
will make you a perfect handle.

  • Now, the excess of the paper inside
your lantern cut into strips to still leave it
attached to your lantern once you have
finished cutting.

  • And there you have it you have just
made your own lantern.How fascinating!
Will you make this again?

Why dogs can't eat chocolate

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Describe a festival or holiday.


Ahhhh! There’s another one. Colours are everywhere,
I am a rainbow on the ground.Have you guessed where
I am? Yes you are correct I am in a Holi festival.

I can hear the crowd screaming on top of the deafening
music. I can also hear little kids enjoying themselves
as they get colour triggered on them.

I can feel the thin, polished coloured powder in my
hands slipping away before I could aim and launch.
It is amazing throwing colours and getting thrown at.

I can see everyone enjoying themselves and having a
very pleasant time.They are laughing because colours
are flying everywhere and they are coloured top to

We walk to the different stalls and from one of them
we get pineapple ice-cream.This is vanilla ice-cream
in a pineapple bowl with pineapple slices in them. It
was very tempting.We also get mango,kiwi fruit,
pineapple and coconut sherbet. The taste is exceptional
and freshening because of all the fruits that are mixed
into it.